Only one (1) dog per site allowed...Aggressive dogs such as German Shepherds, Dobermans,
Pit Bulls and Rottweilers not allowed. VISITORS MAY NOT BRING PETS

- Accepted on leash only
- Must be taken with you whenever you leave
- Must not be left unattended at any time
- Must be cleaned up after immediately
- If he or she is a barker, please leave them at home
- No Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Dobermans or Rotweilers allowed
- No pets allowed with guests visiting friends in the park.
- No pets allowed in Cabins.

"Your dog can socialize with others of their like and do whatever dogs love to do: you know, sniff, bark, growl, chase, pant, and, uh, mark. Whispering Pines has a doggie-friendly designated dog off-leash area. And remember, as a responsible dog-owner, please remember, PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER HE OR SHE DOES ITS BUSINESS!!"


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